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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sunday Afternoon

So, they hooked Dave's pain pump back up this morning at about 8am. They were going to cut the dosage in half. I thought about the amount he was initially receiving Monday and Tuesday and went and asked the doctor to use 1/4 the amount as a baseline. (This is what he was originally receiving on Monday & Tuesday and was much better. He had pain relief that he was happy about and he was lucid.) He can always push the 'dose' button for a hit if he needs more.

He hasn't been in any pain but was still not waking up. At about 1pm the doctor came back to check. I already thought about asking them to stop the pump altogether again and then the doctor mentioned that as an option and I agreed. (He can get a needle for instant pain relief when it's required.) I just wanted him to wake back up again. The doctor said I was free to stay or take him home - whatever I wanted at this point. I said that I can't take him home like this as he's not moving. I would like to wait for him to wake up and ask to go home, and then take him home. The doctor also thought that it was progression of the disease more than the narcotics. I said that I'd like to get the narcotics out of his system and then determine that. So the pump was removed again at 1:00 pm.

It's 4:30ish now and he's just starting to be a little more responsive.

So, it looks like we'll be staying another night unless Dave suddenly becomes a little more mobile very shortly.



Anonymous said...

Oh Val,

Thanks for the posting. We are watching the blog and appreciate all the updates.

Praying that Dave becomes more responsive. One step at a time, and hoping he can get home soon.

The Stellers

Anonymous said...

Hi Val,

Thank you for keeping us updated.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you both and for Dave to become more responsive ASAP.

Donna & Jon Weingarten

Anonymous said...

Thanks Val for keeping us all in the loop...we are thinking about the both of you....this has got to be the hardest thing you will ever have to go thru' in life & you are showing everyone thru' your blog, your strength, determination, character, love & faith!!!! One step, one moment at a time....God is definitely surrounding you with His compassion & love!
Keep holding on...Love, Barbara

Anonymous said...

Val...thanks so much for updating the Blog. We send you our love and prayers for a good night tonight...of rest and comfort for you and Dave.

Jeff missed seeing you yesterday at the hospital...him and Candy were there while you were at home.

Please remember how much you guys are loved....and how amazing our God is.


Crystle said...

Thanks so much for keeping us all updated Val!
Im keeping you guys in my thoughts and prayers! I hope Dave can get home soon!

Much love to you both!