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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Hi everyone.

Just wanted to check in.

I'd like to thank everybody that's been coming around to do yard work for us. It's really touching. It's overwhelming actually the way so many people have jumped in to help out. Thanks so much.

This weekend is the Stephanie & Ashley Daub's Memorial 3on3 Basketball Tournament. Dave has always been a supporter of this event. The proceeds from this event go to the London Abused Women's Centre. This morning London West MPP Chris Bentley presented Dave with the 2010 Frances Marion Beyon Award for Strength and Courage at the opening ceremonies for the tournament. Dave was really tired, but he really wanted to be there. He couldn't stay long, but I'm really happy we could make it.

Right now, Dave's not feeling well at all. I'm sure the blood transfusion has helped somewhat, but he still has a lot going on. He hasn't slept much at all overnight for the past few days. He seems to have back pain all the time now, but it's worse in the evenings.

We're trying hard to stay positive, and are hanging in right now!
Thanks everybody for your prayers and words of encouragement. You don't know how much they're appreciated.



A.J. said...

here's a song for a silent night:

hoping you get some rest...

Anonymous said...

Way to go Dave...always leading by example - "strength and courage" - lead on my friend, lead on...I am sure you inspired a number of people there be showing up. What a great event!
I'd sing you a lullaby but pretty sure that would not be sleep inducing.:-)
Praying for you both.
Love ya - Mel

Judie said...

I hope you are going to deliver his carrots! You carrot-giver you!

When you're down, look up!
When you're up, remember it!